5 tips for rappelling in Costa Rica

Rappelling tours in Costa Rica have become an important part of adventure tourism. Vertically descending rocky canyon walls with a view of a beautiful waterfall flowing down the side is an activity that will make you feel alive

Costa Rica is the right country to do this type of activity, as the surrounding natural environment adds an exquisite element to the rappelling experience.

Just imagine yourself making your way through the dense vegetation of jungles and forests, to later descend incredible cliffs that are covered in beautiful exotic plants. It’s certainly an experience that you should have firsthand. One of the best locations for this kind of adventure is the area surrounding the Arenal Volcano. This is a paradisiacal location, ideal for adrenaline and excitement.

For those considering going on a rappelling tour in Costa Rica, we will share some advice to keep in mind to have a fulfilling, satisfying experience

Wear comfortable clothes and bring liquids

To do rappelling, it’s important to wear clothes that allow you to move your legs and arms freely. Remember that this is a challenging and highly physical activity, which is why it’s important to wear an outfit that’s very easy to move around in.

Don’t forget to bring water. It’s always a good idea to remember that our bodies need fuel when we’re doing physical activities. It’s important to always keep a bottle of water with you during the adventure.

Make your way down slowly

Rappelling tours in Costa Rica are very safe and fun, but it’s undeniable that they can be a little bit scary at the beginning. That’s why we recommend starting your descent slowly. This will also help you to enjoy the adventure even more, as you’ll be able to appreciate the majestic nature all around you.

Always remember to take a break                                                               

If the descent becomes tiring, don’t hesitate to take a break every once in a while. Make sure that you don’t push your body beyond its limits. Remember that this adventure is meant to be enjoyed.

Book the tour through a company that provides this service

If you want to go on a rappelling tour in Costa Rica for the first time, it’s important to book the tour through a company with expertise in this area to ensure that you enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

The best choice is to book the tour with a company that’s focused on adventure tourism. You can place your trust in them, as they’re knowledgeable about these activities and their guides will always be looking out for your safety.

Mistico Park offers a unique experience that embodies the meaning of adrenaline, while always keeping safety in mind as the basis of the experience.

The Spider Monkey Tour is an adventure that’s perfect for anyone looking for extreme fun. Mistico Park has made the best use of the lush forests that surround the Arenal Volcano by developing this impressive way to interact with nature. This tour involves not only rappelling, but also a chance to defy gravity while ziplining, and crossing an impressive hanging bridge.


Experience the wonderful sensation of rappelling in one of the main locations for Costa Rican ecotourism.


It’s important to note that this package includes all of the safety equipment you need; it has been designed so that you can go on this adventure with peace of mind. You’ll also be accompanied by experts who you can fully trust. This will allow you to really immerse yourself in the adventure.

Rappelling tours in Costa Rica are adventures that are worth experiencing over and over again. The excitement and dynamism of descending rocky walls or refreshing waterfalls are unique and indescribable. We invite you to learn more about the tour offered by Mistico Park.

Learn more about the Spider Monkey Tour 


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