At Mistico Park, we opt for inclusive tourism, which is why we provide the highest level of comfort possible to all of our guests with our accessible trails. These have no stairs, they have protective railings, and the surface material is anti-slip concrete.

Main Trail


Lenght 2 miles.

Tour duration

Tour duration 1.5 hours without guide, 2.5 hours with guide.


Visit 16 bridges, tunnel and a beautiful Waterfall

Other information

- Maximum slope 8% in lower, 6% rise.
- Medium effort grade.

Come and enjoy a revitalizing hike!

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At Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, different ecosystems come together forming a transition vegetation belt with a high level of biodiversity that can be found along the border between two types of forests: upland and lowland, bringing together species from both areas.

Throughout years of evolution, the plant life of the lowland rainforests, typical in Sarapiquí and Tortuguero, has undergone an altitude migration of up to 500-600 metres, allowing it to encounter and interact with upland plant life.

For this reason, the tree canopies at Mistico Park offer a richly diverse environment with a strong presence of various species of epiphyte plants, birds, mammals, butterflies, and much more. These can be observed up close on the hanging bridges.



250 hectares of Tropical Rainforest reserve


20° ~ 34°

Dry season:

February ~ April


2000 – 4000 mm annually

Relative humidity:

80% ~ 92%


500 – 600 metres above sea level

Be one with nature!

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