The Reservation Politics of Mistico Park

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is a biological reserve which submits to the forest regimens of the Republic of Costa Rica. We are interested in having the maximum amount of people able to enjoy the beauties that can be found within this protected forest. Nevertheless, due to its fragile nature it is our duty to take care of and control the access and behavior of our visitors with the idea of diminishing the impact of the flora and fauna. For this reason, it is necessary that the visitors obey the following regulations: It is strictly prohibited to abandon the established paths for any part of the walk, and at all times it is required that you remain with the group that you are going with for the visit.

Regulations for Entering

It is strictly prohibited to abandon the established paths for any part of the walk, and at all times it is required that you remain with the group that you are going with for the visit.

Hunting or collecting parts or all of the animals or plants is absolutely prohibited within the reserve. If a laser pointer is to be used, do not point it directly at the body of the animal being observed. Likewise, bothering the animals, using a machete to cut the vegetation or damaging the flora and fauna in some way will be sanctioned according to the laws of protection for wildlife.

The client must not manipulate the equipment that is used in any of the activities, such as gloves, helmets, trolleys, harnesses, etc. The guide in charge of the group will be the only one to adjust the equipment that the client uses.

The height restriction for the Spider Monkey Canyon activity 120 cm / 3.9 ft. If a client omits height information of any of the participants at the moment of the tour reservation they will not be able to complete the activities or ask for a refund.

The use of radios, speakers, or similar auditory devices are strictly prohibited within the reserve. Maintain a low voice so as to not disturb the wildlife and the experience of other visitors.

Though the hanging bridges have been designed to support a high quantity of weight, the max capacity permitted at once on each hanging bridge has been limited to 15 people. This has been established with the intention of maintaining the margins of safety established by Mistico Park.

Jumping, rocking, or running on the hanging bridges is expressly prohibited.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of Mistico Park.

We do not recommend entry into the trail with open-toed shoes such as sandals. We only recommend shoes that cover the feet in their entirety, apt for hiking the trails of the forest. If for some reason the guests do not have the appropriate footwear we will have two options to enjoy the tour: to sign a desist of responsibility form (waiver) to receive entry into the park, or to buy shoes within our institution that completely cover the foot.

Entry into the reserve must be done without mascots due to the fragile nature of the ecosystem as well as for the safety of the domestic animal.

All of the tours and services require a written reservation with 48 hours of anticipation from the start of the tour. These services must be confirmed by the department of reservations here at Mistico Park. Once the client has received the reservation on behalf of the reservations agent from Mistico Park they can then modify or cancel the same reservation by making it known to the receiver in a written format. This must be done at least 48 hours before the start of the tour, and if the client does indicate a change or cancellation of the service within the stipulated time they are then accepting any fees previously specified at the reserve confirmation.

Mistico Park reserves the right of admission and will not permit fulfillment of the services offered to any persons inebriated or under the influence of drugs or substances that will hinder or incapacitate them from executing the activity properly. This regulation is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the client as well as the safety of the other guests visiting the park.

Confirmation of the activities is subject to cash payment for the total charge of the reservation by means of an electronic commerce, such as a credit or debit card. The proof of payment for the activities is the only manner through which the client can redeem their purchase in Mistico Park with the aforementioned date and times.

The prices of certain services, such as those for transportation, are subject to change due to any sudden adjustments for varying costs or entry fees under a new force of the government tax regulation.

For transportation services, the schedule for picking up clients in their hotel will be noted and sent in each reservation confirmation. If the clients are not at the hotel reception at the indicated time for their transportation (“Pick-Up”) the chauffeur is authorized to wait five minutes. In the event that the clients do not present themselves within the allotted time, the driver will then gather the signature of a hotel collaborator and will depart, noting the clients as a “No Show” (absent) for which they will be charged in full (100%) for the services promised.

The schedule for initiating the activities will always be given on the confirmation of the reservation, which the client must later present at the reception of Mistico Park at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. In the event that the client does not arrive on time and cannot be integrated into the activity they will be noted as absent and a financial refund will not apply. If the conditions permit, a Mistico Park host can proceed to reprogram the activity without any additional cost, so long as there is space and availability for the requested times.

Cancellation & Return Policy

All reservations must be canceled or modified 48 hours prior to the tour, otherwise 100% of the cost will be charged. Reservations canceled more than 48 hours prior to the tour start time apply 100% of the refund of the amount paid. In case of activities cancellation due to safety procedures in the event of an electrical storm and / or other causes determined by our Operations, Prevention and Risks Department, in which the client's safety must be safeguarded, the activity in question will be reprogrammed in the first instance. Scheduled on a later date according to the operative possibilities of the park and the convenience of the client. In the event that the rescheduling of the activities will be not possible, the prepaid amount will be reimbursed to the client according to the means of payment used. No refund applies for transport services already consumed by the customer.

Note: Any force majeure event that occurs please contact us and we will gladly evaluate the situation.

Mistico Park reserves the right of admission, and in the case of any omissions to the regulations they will grant exit without right to reimbursement to those who do not fulfill the rules of the park.

Mistico Park depends on a System of Security Management that complies with the norms of law, which concerns itself with any risks through use of equipment, procedures, and training. This minimizes the probability and/or consequences of these risks, but does not avoid them.

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