5 of the best binoculars for birdwatching

If you are a nature lover, we know how much you care for a great brand of binoculars so you can enjoy to the fullest this incredible adventure. We can ensure you the best quality and prestige in all of the products offered so they will deliver the impeccable detail you crave.

Binoculars price category

$2 000 - $2 775

Rated as the highest category you can find our Zeiss Victory HT. Qualified as very suitable for activities related to ornithology, it offers 95 % light transmission levels, so with them you will be able to enjoy more time including the darkest phases of twilight which is a very useful feature to observe nocturnal birds. The focusing wheel facilitates its use and adding its light weight result in binoculars with excellent ergonomics. So needless to say, the clarity and focus that is achieved with them in any climate tells us why they are at the top of the list.

$700 - $1 999

The manufacturer awarded it with five stars, the amazing Zeiss Conquest HD can ensure the achievement of neutral images with chromatic fidelity. They can perform light transmission of more than 90 %. Large focusing wheel, comfortable grip as well as soft eyepieces are part of the optimal ergonomics offered by this product. It is worth highlighting the broad visual field and the precision they provide at long and short distances.

$400 - $680

Another good choice is the Nikon Monarch 7.  Some elements such as crystal ED and prism with highly reflective multilayer dielectric coating get more brightness, well-defined images and an extraordinary field of vision. As for ergonomics the rubber eyepieces moves with multi click system that facilitate positioning the eyes in the right place.

$210 - $399

In this category, you can take advantage of the value of the Nikon Monarch 5. These binoculars provide clear images even in difficult lighting conditions. They are also water resistant as well as fog and offers comfortable and secure grip.

Menos de $200

The Celestron Nature DX binoculars were rated as the best ones according to Audubon magazine in 2016. Their multilayer optics achieve brilliant images by increasing the transmission of light through the optical path. It also achieves a close approach of 6.5 feet, rotating eyepieces with multiple stops and water resistant.



So now that you know about the different types of great binoculars offered whether you’re a nature lover or even better for bird watching aficionado or simply enjoy seeing nature, this is a question for you; are you ready for your best experience ever?

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