Why should conserving the tropical rainforest be a priority in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country of incomparable natural beauty and paradisiacal, majestic environments. Its beaches, cities, plant life and wildlife are the main attractions for national and international tourists. The tropical rainforest is one of the best ecosystems to enjoy visiting.

These forests also go far beyond their role as tourist attractions, as the tropical rainforest creates ecological balance, produces oxygen, allows for the replenishment of aquifers, keeps soil fertile by producing organic material, and is home to many diverse animals, among other things.

Forests cover 7 percent of the earth’s landmass, and they are home to nearly 50 percent of the world’s biodiversity.

The conservation of the tropical rainforest is a crucial part of the fight to stop the effects of global warming, due to the forest’s protective role in avoiding soil erosion caused by wind or by water.

The tropical rainforest produces rain as part of the cycle of precipitation.

Because Costa Rica has always been considered a biological bridge, this country must prioritize the conservation and preservation of its forests. It’s a country that is fortunate enough to have a dense layer of vegetation that covers one third of the national territory.

Tropical rainforest: a habitat for plants and animals

Tropical forests and jungles worldwide are home to more than 30 million animal and plant species, which represents half of the world’s wildlife and slightly more than two thirds of the world’s plant life.

Tropical forests and jungles take between 60 million and 100 million years to evolve. They’re considered to be the world’s oldest and most complex ecosystems.

The diversity of plant life is a product of the warm, humid environment within these types of forests, which makes them hospitable for the growth of 1,000 types of trees with a variety of up to 300 species within a single hectare. This represents a necessary balance between ecosystems and natural resources.

Tropical rainforests reduce soil erosion

Another reason why Costa Rica must consider tropical rainforest conservation to be a top priority is that these forests prevent erosion.

Soil that has been worn down by rain ends up in rivers, causing problems in the habitats of fish as their breeding sites become covered with sediment. Furthermore, people are also affected by soil erosion as we must handle the consequences of the affected waterways.

“At this distance between the earth and the sun, the earth’s average temperature without a layer of gas that traps in infrared radiation, would be -15ºC. Without oxygen, the metabolism processes required by living creatures would not exist.” El Mundo.

Forests act as sponges that absorb rain by creating a flow of water down leaves, roots, and branches, all the way down to the earth where it can be filtered. This process keeps streams, springs and rivers flowing throughout the year.

Forest conservation in Costa Rica

Thanks to the countless virtues of the tropical rainforest, its conservation is crucial in order to sustain life on our planet. The commitment to this conservation has resulted in the creation of public and private nature reserves.

One place that has taken on this necessary challenge is Mistico Park, a private nature reserve that was created at the beginning of the last century when married couple Landelina Rodriguez and Adrian Castillo began the laborious task of working the land they had inherited from their parents.

Located in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Mictico Park has become one of the main adventure ecotourism destinations. While visiting this beautiful park, you can see some of the spectacular plant life and wildlife that lives throughout Costa Rica.

You can walk across hanging bridges that will give you a unique perspective on nature in Costa Rica, or you can participate in extreme sports near the base of the magnificent Arenal Volcano.

Regardless of which tour you choose go on, you will have the opportunity to see the forest’s beauty in a safe and comfortable way.

The conservation of tropical rainforests is undoubtedly an essential part of protecting the world’s diverse plant and animal species, the future availability of natural resources, and the promise of an inhabitable planet for our children and future generations.

Mistico Park understands the importance of preserving tropical rainforests while also giving people the opportunity to experience the harmony, peace, and adventure that only nature can offer. Come visit Mistico Park for the experience of a lifetime.

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