Where and when to watch Quetzals in Costa Rica


The value of the plumage is compared as gold and precious stones, according to experts is qualified as the most beautiful bird of the worldHis green color feathers, red chest as well as his abdomen, yellow beak and his tail showing like a serpentine which can reach 65 cm keeps bird watchers amazed. So what are we taking about? The gorgeous quetzal.

When to find a Quetzal


Finding this incredible attraction is not an easy task since the quetzal is in danger of extinction and the good news is that still remain a few around Mexico and Central America. However the population in Costa Rica is larger thanks to the protection the country has given to the forests. Up next we will tell you where and when will be easier for you to find quetzals.

The best time of the year to be able to observe more of this incredible creatures is when they are reproducing which can be from the middle of February until July, and during those months Laurel trees as well as wild avocado are its favorite because of the fruits which are preferred by Quetzals.

4 places where you can find them at

Monteverde Cloud Forest


Is the most famous habitat for the quetzal and is just about two in a half hours away from the Capital City, San JoseIt is a biological reserve that have 50 % of the species of flora and fauna of Costa Rica. It’s known as one of the most diverse forests in Central America and one of the most frequented ecotourism destinations in the country.

Quetzales National Park

This protected area is located 76.5 Km from the Capital City
. In this area are found a lot of different species of flora and wildlife from Central America region. Also this park is one of the best places to find exotic birds such as hummingbirds, trogons, tanagers and of course quetzals. This place is mainly visited during the first months of the year.

San Gerardo de Dota

This small town is located 88 Km South of San Jose
and it is also another favorite area for bird watching lovers hence more than 200 species can be found here. 
Among woodpeckers, toucanets and black guan visitors can choose different trails with amazing views.

Braulio Carrillo National Park

It is located in Heredia just a few Kilometers from San Jose, this park is where the dormant Barva volcano is located. Poas Volcano to the west and Irazu volcano to the east. 
In this area you can find virgin forests with a lot of amazing wildlife.

If you are considering options for bird watching and learn more about them, especially of such rare and beautiful species like the quetzal, Costa Rica offers opportunities to do so. Another area in Costa Rica near the Arenal Volcano is Mistico Park, which offers a guided bird watching tour that will allow you to see many of the Costa Rican species.

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