What do we offer at Mistico Park?

It’s no surprise that Costa Rica stands out worldwide as a tourist destination that’s a natural and ecological paradise, with one of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet. It offers both relaxation and adrenaline for visitors. If you’re looking for fresh air and green areas, this country is an ideal option. To confirm all of this for yourself, the first place you should visit is Mistico Park, located in La Fortuna, San Carlos.

Mistico Park is a natural paradise that spans across 650 hectares, including 250 hectares of protected tropical rainforest reserve. It has an ideal location across from the majestic Arenal volcano. It’s also located only 3 hours away from Juan Santamaria International Airport and only 2 hours from Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia.

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While visiting this attraction, you can admire the beauty of this natural forest sanctuary that is populated by wildlife species in their natural habitat. You’ll be able to be in direct contact with nature in thousands of ways, whether on the hills, hanging bridges, adventure tours, or even at the restaurant.

So, are you ready to be surrounded by the forests at Mistico Park? If you aren’t totally convinced yet, the following are 7 reasons why you should pack your bags and come visit Mistico Park for a weekend.

Mistico Park: exciting nature

1.  Hanging Bridges

Mistico Park offers a revitalizing hike along its world famous hanging bridges and trails, all of which are surrounded by a vast tropical forest. Here, you’ll have the chance to walk for three kilometers while breathing the freshest air in Costa Rica. There are 16 bridges in total, 6 of which are hanging.

If you aren’t used to long hikes, not to worry, you’ll feel as though the entire hike lasted only half an hour, as time passes quickly when you’re taking in the natural wonders along the way. It’s worth noting that there are various tours that you can go on along the hanging bridges, including: the Natural History Tour, the Tropical Forest Night Hike, and the Bird Watching Tour.

2. Unique species

Another reason why Mistico Park stands out is that it’s part of a wildlife corridor that allows for the circulation of large mammal species such as Pumas, Jaguars, and Tapirs. It’s also an ideal place to go on hikes to observe plant life as there are more than 700 species including trees, lianas, epiphytes, and herbs.

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There have been more than 350 bird species spotted here, including highland, lowland, and migratory species. The excellent views from the bridges also allow you to watch the mass migration of predatory birds between November and February each year. You can also go on a night hike to see reptiles and amphibians such as frogs, snakes, and lizards, as well as mammals such as kinkajous, raccoons, or margays. Fascinating, right?

3. Infinity forest

Another one of the wonders at Mistico Park is the poetry come to life that you’ll have the opportunity to see within the flora and fauna of the infinity forests, whether on ground level or from the hanging bridges. It’s important to note that in the park, different ecosystems come together and form a transition vegetation belt, with a high level of biodiversity, that’s found on the border between a highland and a lowland forest and that integrates species from both areas.

Here, you’ll feel like a part of nature, as from the ground up to the treetops everything is changing, interacting, and in perfect balance on the trails that lead you into the forest.

4. Accessibility

Mistico Park promotes inclusive tourism, as we provide as much comfort as possible to all of our visitors. Accessible paths are available for people with disabilities. They don’t have stairs, they have protective rails, and the surface material is made of non-slip concrete.

Part of the path allows for assisted wheelchair transportation. There’s the option of traveling on the main 1.5 kilometer path, or there’s the 250 meter option for wheelchairs. It requires a low level of effort, and takes 25 minutes without a guide and 45 minutes with a guide. People with disabilities will have the opportunity to cross 6 stationary bridges and 2 optional hanging bridges. There’s no excuse not to take the trip!

5. Adventure tours

If you were thinking that nature is only good for peace and quiet you’d be wrong, as it also provides a dose of pure adrenaline, and at Mistico Park you can experience this with the  Spider Monkey Canyon tours.

At Spider Monkey Canyon you can challenge your adventurous spirit while experiencing the magnificent canyon walls using rappelling techniques, jumping in clear water pools, and crossing natural rocky paths. A challenging hanging bridge and a zip lining cable are also part of this activity, which allow you to explore the forest canopy.

 6. Photography  services

While in the forest, if you want to leave your electronic devices behind but you want to keep your memories, not to worry. One of the extra services offered by Mistico Park is the photography service, where the in-house photographer can capture the special moments during your visit to the park. You can keep your memories within these images and they can allow you to escape your day-to-day; for a moment, you can go back to the nature at Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges.

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7. High quality service

Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world, which means that you’ll receive a smile and kindness from each one of its inhabitants. When you come to Mistico Park, you’ll also see this from each staff member, who will very kindly help you with anything you need to make your visit a pleasant experience.

Although we could keep giving you reasons to visit Mistico Park, we’ll leave it at that so that you can come and discover the other thousands of reasons for yourself. Don’t think twice, and decide to take the trip to this mystical place with its lively energy that will revitalize you.

Adventure into our forests with their mystical charms!

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