Tips to enjoy canyoneering for the first time

If one of your goals is to try new adventures, or if you’re just looking for an activity that produces a lot of adrenaline, then canyoneering, also known as canyoning, is what you’re looking for.

If you don’t know about a destination where you can do activities that will get your heart pumping a mile a minute, we can recommend one: Costa Rica. This country is the perfect setting thanks to its scenic beauty in areas with canyons and crystalline waterfalls, which are ideal for descending and testing your fears.

You don’t need to be a professional to go canyoneering, however, it’s essential to bring a positive attitude and keep some recommendations in mind. Here, we will share 5 tips to enjoy canyoneering for the first time.

Esential advice for canyoneering

1.Predicting the weather 

The weather is one factor that influences canyoneering the most. Therefore, we recommend checking the weather forecast before leaving home, and not to risk it if the weather is going to get worse and you will have to go back.

It’s even important to keep in mind whether it has rained a lot in the days before you’re planning to go canyoneering, as a rise in water levels can limit you from freely descending the cliffs.


2. Necessary clothes and equipment  

Comfort is another one of the most important factors when canyoneering. To fully enjoy this activity, it’s essential to bring clothes that dry quickly as well as a change of clothes. You also need shoes that can be worn in wet areas. Also, remember to wear insect repellent, and sunscreen to protect you from UV rays.

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In terms of equipment, the tour company has to provide: helmets, harnesses, karabiners, cords, booties, and gloves for a safe descent.


3. Ask about complete information about the canyon

It’s important to ask for information about the canyon where you will be canyoneering. You need to know about its characteristics, including longitude, difficulty level, slopes, and escape zones in case you need to leave the tour, and whether there are waterfalls, natural pools, or rappels.

There’s nothing better than feeling sure about whether you will be prepared for the level of difficulty before descending the canyon.


4. Physical safety

Safety is the most important part of this activity. Therefore, before going on this adventure, the company running the tour must follow protocol to show you how to use the equipment and the safety measures, so remember to ask any questions that you may have.

During the descent, don’t hesitate to tell your guide or the other members of your group how you feel. If they’re aware of how you’re feeling during the activity, they can be more attentive anything you may need.

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In case of an accident, the best thing to do is stay calm and composed. If necessary, call the corresponding emergency services and make sure to keep the injured person safe.


5. Start your descend with enthusiasm

The best part starts when you’re at your first descent point, where you can enjoy the experience and let the adrenaline come over you. You won’t feel fear here, only the desire to dominate the cords as like a monkey.

Furthermore, being in direct contact with nature has innumerable benefits, including: reducing feelings of fatigue, reducing stress, and enjoying quality time with friends and family.


These are the tips to fully enjoy canyoneering for the first time. Don’t let your goals go unfulfilled, and if you still don’t have plans to do this activity, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and include it in your itinerary.

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