5 tips to do Canopy tours near the Arenal volcano

Going canopy tours near Arenal in Costa Rica is one of the best and most exciting experiences that every adventurer should add to their to-do list.

Just picture the majestic natural surroundings that will give you the peace and quiet needed to calm your nerves. The support of friends or family members will also give you the courage to experience this adventure.

The guide ensures that all security measures have been taken, and then they let you go freely. Shortly after, you’ll feel the shivers that will soon become adrenaline, and little by little you’ll start to enjoy the refreshing breeze on your face. That’s how your glorious experience of flying above a spectacular forest begins

Canopy offers you a unique opportunity that will stay with you in your memory forever.

If you’re considering experiencing this for yourself in the mystical natural environment of Costa Rica, we will share five tips that you should keep in mind while setting out on this adrenaline-filled adventure.

Besides allowing you to experience unique and indescribable sensations, canopy is also the perfect activity to enjoy alongside family or friends. Experiencing the beauty of nature in a unique way and from an exceptional perspective is more enjoyable when you’re with your loved ones.

Pay attention to the guide’s recommendations, and be sure to ask them any questions that you may have. Follow the instructor’s advice to learn about basic canopy techniques, so that you can safely enjoy the experience.

It’s easy to forget that you’ll be exposed to the sun when flying among the treetops. It’s always a good idea to be careful, so be sure to apply sunscreen before going on your adventure.

As is true with any physical activity, canopy requires comfortable clothing. Dressing casually is perfect. Remember that you will have a harness covering your entire body (it wraps around your legs and goes over your shoulders), so long shorts or light pants are the best options to ensure comfort.

This experience is like few others in life, which is why we recommend enjoying the moment. If you feel nervous, you can choose to go second or third. The best way to overcome your fear is by not waiting too long. 

“Adventure: the pursuit of life.” Daniel Roy Wiarda.

With the idea fresh in your mind and the desire in your heart, it’s the right time to set out on your canopy tours near the Arenal volcano. It’s not only about getting out of your comfort zone, but also knowing where to do so

Canopy is even more enjoyable if you have the opportunity to see the wonders in nature around you. One of the best places to do that is at Mistico Park. The park’s location allows you to see the beauty of Costa Rica from a unique point

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