3 reasons to go waterfall jumping in Costa Rica

There are times when we need a break from our daily routines to experience new sensations alongside our loved ones. These sensations make us thankful for the gift of life and the nature around us, and they can only be experienced through adventures such as waterfall jumping, that take us on an adrenaline-filled journey.

Imagine hearing relaxing birdsongs as you make your way through the forest towards a stunning, resounding river, which flows into a river pool where the only way to keep moving forward is by jumping.  

Those who are adventurous know that this jump is an opportunity to do pirouettes, flips, and to plunge into the water with style.

That being said, waterfall jumping isn’t only for lovers of extreme sports, but rather it’s an experience that’s open to anyone, regardless of whether they have prior knowledge of ecotourism adventure activities.

Why go waterfall jumping in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the main ecotourism destinations in the region. The green environment makes any experience an ideal opportunity to really connect with nature. Everyone who loves adventures in fantastic natural environments should visit this beautiful Central American country.

The benefits of waterfall jumping

Waterfall jumping is an outdoor sport, which means that it has several mental and physical benefits. The following are three reasons to try waterfall jumping.

Eliminating stress

With activities such as these, you can expect to be filled with adrenaline throughout every moment. With that being the case, you’ll be able to release stress that accumulates due to day-to-day difficulties. The unique sensations experienced during waterfall jumping allow you to forget about everything, because it’s so enjoyable and entertaining.n It’s also important to mention that this sport can transport you to a state of happiness thanks to the serotonin and endorphins that get released, creating a sense of wellbeing.

Growing as a person

Facing new challenges, breaking new ground, and crossing your comfort barrier are some of the keys to success in any area of life. nGetting out of the city, being immersed in nature, and feeling the peacefulness of your surroundings will help you to see things from a different point of view, and to widen your horizons.nAdventure tourism can give you more confidence to confront adversities in life. You may be wondering how. Well, it’s undeniable that the fear of new things will always exist. Going to university for the first time, your first day at a new job, the first time you talked to the boy or girl who you liked, all of these actions generate a fear of the unknown.nHowever, the situations that make you feel worried at the time can often be laughed about later. They’re also a fundamental part of forming who you are today.nThe same goes for waterfall jumping. You may feel a bit of fear in the moment, but once you overcome that, you will want to do it again and again. You may then realize that you’ve become someone who’s not afraid of new experiences, or of personal or professional challenges. That’s when you’ll know that you’ve grown as a person.

Improving health

Of course we couldn’t skip this fundamental reason to practice waterfall jumping. What does an adventure imply? Exercise, fun, and more exercise. It’s no secret that many doctors recommend taking part in outdoor activities, as they prevent heart problems, obesity, and even attention deficit. And that doesn’t go just for young people. Regardless of your age, it will always serve you well to explore nature.

Places such as Mistico Park offer extreme, safe experiences. Their services guarantee excitement, fun, and adrenaline. Surrounded by unique natural magic, this company offers the possibility to experience waterfall jumping on the Spider Monkey tour.

The Spider Monkey tour is a multi-sport tour designed for adventurers in search of new challenges, or those who simply want a break from their routines, and those who wish to spend time with their friends and family in a paradisiacal location in the heart of nature.

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