Birds you can see in our birding tour

The songs of Costa Rican birds create a natural orchestra that can be heard throughout the country. The forest of the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park provide a natural habitat for over 300 species of birds. These colorful, resonant, intrepid birds inhabit this exceptional environment and fly freely through misty skies, while navigating the landscape. This is a spectacle you absolutely must experience on our guided birding tour 

Mistico Park is located in one of the country’s most biologically diverse regions, situated between the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountains, the Tilaran Volcanic Mountains, and the Northern Plains. That is an ideal location to observe species from different altitude. Birding in Costa Rica is one of the most exciting natural experiences that the country has to offer; birds reside within the tropical surroundings and display themselves to observers in all of their splendour.

 At Mistico Park, the birding tour is out of this world. The tour covers 3.2 kilometres through the path of the Hanging Bridges allowing ideal conditions for observing the birds of Costa Rica .

Let´s find mysterious, exotic and sublime species of birds, in this article we describe 10 of the most wonderful species that you will find in our birding tour 

1.The clay-colored thrush:This is the national bird of Costa Rica. It sings a special trill, with its song being most notable at the beginning of the country’s rainy season. This species is yellow and brown in color. The clay-colored thrush is a bird that lives in a wide range of habitats, from urban areas to the jungle.

2.Jacamar: This bird has a bright, colorful plumage, as well as a distinctive beak and tail. It feeds on insects and usually flies individually or in pairs. You can observe this species at Mistico Park, as the park is found within this bird’s ideal habitat: the tropical jungle.

3.Toucan: This exotic bird is not to be missed on the birding tour. Its brightly colored plumage makes it an easy one to spot, and the length and beauty of its beak makes it highly eye-catching. It generally eats fruit and insects. An interesting fact about toucans is that they share food when courting. One species native to Costa Rica is the emerald toucanet. Other species commonly found here are the chestnut-mandibled toucan, the aracari, and the keel-billed toucan.

4.Crested owl: If you love this legendary bird, spotting it will be a fantastic encounter that will add to your birding experience. This nocturnal species is characterized by the light colored crests originating at the center of its face, as well as the ring of brown feathers it uses to detect its prey.

5.Crested guan: This is a highly organized species that lives in groups. The colors of its plumage vary from brownish-gray hues, to grays mixed with the red color of its feet. Crested guans generally live in cloud forests, meaning that Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park offers the ideal habitat for this bird.

6.Hummigbird: In the flower and tree filled environment at Mistico Arenal, the hummingbird is the ruler of the flower kingdom. The colors of its plumage are highlighted when it flaps its wings. Although it is small in size, it plays an essential role in flower pollination. This delightful species will amaze you with its attractive colors.

7.Broad-billed motmot: This bird, which is native to the tropical environments of Central America, moves its two racket-shaped tail feathers to warn when danger is near. Seeing this intriguing gesture may be one of the sights that you enjoy the most.

8.Gartered trogon: This bird stands out for its colorful plumage, which combines bright greens, blues and yellows. It is generally a solitary bird, so you will need to have a keen eye to spot it among the high branches.

9.Tanager: This bird has a combination of orange, red and black.

10.Parakeet: The parakeet is one of Costa Rica’s most emblematic Its brightly colored feathers and its resonant song are the hallmarks of this species. When you hear it, you can be sure that you will spot it flying in a group nearby.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with scientific birding terms. This knowledge won’t be necessary to enjoy the tour, as we have specialist guides to inform you and to make sure that you enjoy the experience of being in touch with nature.

At Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, you will enjoy a magnificent experience in jungles, wetlands, hills, mountains and rolling plains, which are green as far as the eye can see. Among the foliage, birds bring the landscape to life, and the hues of their plumage create a magical atmosphere. Remember to wear closed shoes that completely cover your feet and comfortable clothes for the tour. A camera to take photographs is also highly recommended.

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