5 accessible tourism experiences to enjoy at Mistico Park

Getting to know our planet is a right that has been ratified by a United Nations covenant. Nobody should be denied the opportunity to travel or go on adventures anywhere in the world, which is why accessible tourism was created. Accessible tourism is at its best when a destination understands the real needs of diverse clients, and the reasons behind their requests.

Universal tourism is a vital component of all tourism environments, products, and services. It ensures that they can be accessed autonomously, dependably, and in a normalized way.

 “The concept of Accessible Tourism refers to the adaptation of tourism environments, products, and services to allow all users to access, use, and enjoy them, based on the principles of universal design.” World Tourism Organization (WTO).

One of the countries where we’ve seen significant progress in the implementation of accessible tourism is Costa Rica. Many companies dedicated to adventure ecotourism in the region are prepared and have been adapted to receive universal clients.

Every human being has a right to discover the richness of our planet. This is an essential condition of all people being able to exercise their right to tourism.

Thanks to the implementation of Law 7600 (Law on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities), Costa Rica has become an accessible tourism destination. The rapid growth of this sector has involved setting goals that are focused on responsible, sustainable, and inclusive tourism.

One of the companies that has taken on this challenge, and focused on services for universal clients, is Mistico Park. Employees here are trained and instructed to offer high quality accessible tourism.

The following are some of the main tours that are focused on accessible tourism.

Paco’s Horses

This is an excellent choice to experience the peacefulness of nature. This horseback riding tour will take you through dense forests, beautiful landscapes, and the park’s trails. On this adventure, you’ll feel as though time is standing still. Your senses will be heightened and you’ll begin to appreciate the colours and sounds of the natural environment.

You can experience peace of mind on this adventure that’s ideal for the whole family.

Night Walk

If you’re a curious person, you’ve likely been interested in the uniqueness of tropical forests at night. If this is the case, then the Mistico night tour is perfect for you.

You will have the opportunity to see the other side of wildlife, walk along the trails, and cross hanging bridges. It’s definitely an experience that will give you a new perspective on ecosystems.

During the tour, you can see animals such as frogs, snakes, lizards, kinkajous, coatis, margays, owls, and more.

Keep in mind that besides all there is to see, the infinite sounds that you can hear in the forest at night are also captivating, which makes this a complete experience that’s suitable for everyone.

Arenal Volcano Expedition

This is a must-do activity if you visit La Fortuna. On this adventure, you can walk around the stunning Arenal Volcano while learning about its impressive history.

The Arenal Volcano has the third most geometrically perfect cone shape in the world.

This expedition will take you through three distinct landscapes: a dry landscape, a rainforest, and the lava tracks from 1992, making this adventure unique and diverse.

The only requirement to go on this tour is the desire to explore and enjoy these natural wonders.

Natural History

Another reason why Mistico Park stands out is that it’s part of a wildlife corridor that allows for the circulation of large mammal species such as Pumas, Jaguars, and Tapirs. It’s also an ideal place to go on hikes to observe plant life as there are more than 700 species including trees, lianas, epiphytes, and herbs.

Another one of the wonders at Mistico Park is the poetry come to life that you’ll have the opportunity to see within the flora and fauna of the infinity forests, whether on ground level or from the hanging bridges.

It’s important to note that in the park, different ecosystems come together and form a transition vegetation belt, with a high level of biodiversity, that’s found on the border between a highland and a lowland forest and that integrates species from both area.

Spider Monkey Tour

Another amazing activity that’s focused on accessible tourism at Mistico Park is the Spider Monkey Tour. This tour is a fun, extreme way to be in contact with nature.

The mission of this tour is to be the most complete ecotourism adventure experience, so it’s comprised of a variety of sporting activities such as waterfall jumping, ziplining, rappelling, and more.

The Spider Monkey Tour is without a doubt the most dynamic package being offered in Costa Rica, and it’s suitable for everyone 8 years and older.

These tours are ideal for the whole family. Every experience is more pleasant when enjoyed as part of a group.

Thanks to accessible tourism practices, these activities have been designed for universal clients. Our guides and installations are ready to welcome any visitor who’s in search of fun and adrenaline.

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