5 Reasons You Have to Do the Mistico Night Walk in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is justifiably one of the world's top ecological tourism destinations. Having been called "The most biologically intense place on Earth," a full 5% of the Earth's biodiversity is found here, in a country that makes up only 0.03% of the world's land mass!

MOST of the Animals You Want to See Are Nocturnal

Let's say you've made the great choice to go and you've done 99% of the work to see this unique treasure trove of extraordinary flora and fauna. Then you *have* to go the last 1% and take a night walk to experience most of the mammals, the amphibians, the reptiles... perhaps the main reason you made the trip in the first place! More than half of all Costa Rican mammals only come out at night!

Kinkajous! Kinkajous! Kinkajous!


Kinkajous might be the world's most adorable nocturnal animal. They have a wooly coat, live over 20 years on average, and 90% of their diet is comprised of ripe fruit. But they also like to slurp honey out of hives using their long tongues!

Nature's Incredible Tiny Bear/Raccoon/Anteater: The Coati

 What would you get if you crossed a tiny bear with a raccoon with an anteater? Coatamundi! This incredibly unique forest-dweller, whose name is commonly abbreviated to coati, only comes out at night.

The Little Leopard: You've Come All This Way to See a Margay! Incredible Tiny Bear/Raccoon/Anteater: The Coati


A breathtaking wild cat. Margays (also known as caucels) are almost impossibly sleek, gorgeous, and consummately feline. Margays have the spotted markings you commonly associate with a leopard, only on a much, much smaller cat

Night-Blooming Flowers, Double the Butterflies, Owls, Red-Eyed Arboreal Frogs...

Giant, fragrant flowers that only bloom during the dark of night. Over two times as many different butterfly species than are out during the day. Different types of owls, horizontal-pupiled, red-eyed, tree-dwelling frogs... this list barely scratches the surface of the astonishing depth and variety of wildlife experiences that remain hidden from the daytime world, but are readily available to anyone on Mistico Park's Night Walk tour!

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