5 benefits of green zones

When was the last time you went hiking outdoors in green zones, were in contact with animals, or went for a swim in a river? We hope that it hasn’t been too long, as these activities will prolong your life here on planet earth and they’ll make you a healthier, happier, and more productive person.

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If you’re surrounded by cars, noise, and commotion, it’s crucial to plan a visit to green zones as soon as possible, whether it’s a park, an open field, or a river. Swedish researchers have found that living in highly urbanized cities heightens the risk of suffering from psychosis and depression.

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It’s no coincidence that doctors insist on taking trips to green zones. In order to overcome illness and prevent pain, it’s crucial to enjoy natural sunlight which brings feelings of wellbeing and vitality to the body.

If you’re still not convinced that you should take a trip out to the country, here’s a list of 5 essential benefits of green zones for wellbeing.

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Benefits of green zones

   1.Combating stress and depression

If you’re often feeling tired and unmotivated to take on the world, the medicine you need is nature. Spending time in a green zone surrounded by trees, plants, and animals promotes recuperation from exhaustion.

A green environment combats stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, it heightens the possibility of feeling successful in different areas of life, as it provides emotional balance.

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   2. Brain development

In this era where technology dominates, we shouldn’t forget that an important element of brain development for children is direct contact with nature, rather than just with computers or cell phones.

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Walking through valleys, seeing the sky, and running along hills all play an irreplaceable role in the brain development of little ones. Therefore, if you have kids, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, take them to a green zone where their cognitive development will improve by 5%, especially in terms of processing simple and complex information.


   3. Reducing respiratory illness

If you have any kind of respiratory illness, fresh air is the essential vitamin your body needs, seeing as the bacteria that cause contagious respiratory illness die when exposed to the sun.

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Furthermore, trees are a natural source of oxygen that contribute to improving the air quality in large, polluted cities.


   4. Raising physical activity levels

For all those who aren’t fans of physical activity, taking a walk in green zones is a good start. It’s proven that exercise stimulates the metabolism, makes you happier, prevents cardiovascular illness and obesity, and provides you with energy.


   5. Facilitating social interaction

Green zones are places where people come together to do recreational activities that may be relaxing or involve exercise. This makes visiting them a good way to get out of your comfort zone and create new friendships.

We could go on about the benefits of consistently visiting green zones, but the best option is to plan a trip out to the country and you’ll start to see the positive changes for your body.

Don’t wait any longer, get out and enjoy the far reaching benefits that nature provides to us for free and accessibly. The ability to improve our health can be found in a walk in the park, or in one of our “pura vida” country’s beautiful forests or nature reserves.

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